1. ObamaCare Myth: Women’s Wellness and Child Protections Increase Premiums

Coverage is only more expensive for some people in certain regions who found themselves not eligible for Marketplace cost assistance. Those who had high-end plans that excluded sick people normally saw the biggest rise in premiums. It’s a myth that minor provisions like the required women’s services and child dental are the cause of premiums being raised. A marketplace is required to offer one plan with abortion services, and one without. The price difference is just one dollar.

2. ObamaCare Myth: Obamacare Means Higher Taxes

Many Americans will save on medical costs and taxes because of The Affordable Care Act, and many more will continue to pay the same amount of taxes as they do now. ObamaCare includes the biggest middle class tax cut to health insurance in our nation’s history, due to providing tax credits to millions of Americans to lower their premium costs. Higher-earners and large employers will be responsible for more taxes, but the group who will pay more is most likely to profit off of the new law the most. The only people who are affected by most of the other taxes you hear about are about are the 3% of businesses and 2% of America’s richest families with incomes of over $250k and capital gains over $250k. – See ObamaCare taxes for More info and Myth debunking on taxes.

ObamaCare doesn’t raise your premium and doesn’t mean higher taxes for the majority of Americans, but it does limit some tax breaks and tax deductions like HSA caps.The only tax that impacts the average American directly is the individual mandate which says: If you don’t obtain coverage or an exemption by January 1st, 2014, you must pay a per-month fee on your federal income tax return for every month you are without health insurance. In 2014 the fee is $95 per adult ($47.50 per child) or 1% of income, whichever is higher. The family max is $285.

The “employer mandate” for large employers to cover their workers did lead to some employees being cut back to part-time, but it also led to many more being moved from part-time to full-time in order to provide them with health benefits. Small businesses won’t have to insurance their employees, but if they choose to they may be eligible for tax breaks of up to 50% of the cost of their employee’s premium costs.

Of course, just because your taxes don’t go up, doesn’t mean you won’t pay more. In many cases getting a new plan that meets the benefits, rights, and protections of the The Affordable Care Act could end up costing you more (especially if you don’t have access to cost assistance through the marketplace). Whether you pay more or less under the new law is dependent on your specific situation, and the plan you buy.

3. ObamaCare Myth: ObamaCare Means Lower Wage and Fewer Jobs

Small businesses can receive tax credits through the marketplace to help ease the burden of providing health insurance to their employees. These businesses have historically had the hardest time providing quality coverage to themselves or their employees. Most of the top 3% of small businesses polled said that the idea that ObamaCare would affect their job growth or hiring process was an “ObamaCare myth”.

Beginning in 2015, businesses with over 50 full-time equivalent employees who don’t already provide health benefits to their full-timers will be affected by the employer mandate. These businesses account for .2% of all firms in America. While employees of some small businesses may have their hours cut to part time in order for employers to avoid paying a penalty, ObamaCare actually creates millions of jobs, including tens of thousands of new health care jobs, 16,000 new IRS jobs as well as many more private-sector jobs (especially in small businesses with under 25 employees) and other government jobs.

Although ObamaCare doesn’t directly result in job loss, companies cutting back hours of full-time workers to below 27 hours in order to avoid providing them with a healthcare plan has been one of the nastier side effects of the bill.

NOTE: In some cases having one’s hours cut back can actually save families thousands on healthcare insurance and prevents it from being unaffordable. Learn more about how having your hours cut back can actually benefit you.

4. ObamaCare Myth: The ObamaCare Death Panels

The concept of death panels, groups that provision health care and decide if you will live or die, is an ObamaCare myth. There was also a provision in the health care bill that had to be removed due to the rumor of death panels. The provision would have paid doctors for providing voluntary counseling to Medicare patients about wills and end-of-life care options. The fact is, Obama care regulates insurance. Your health care is completely up to you and your doctor.

There is, however, a financial advisory panel that studies treatments to keep health care costs down.

5. ObamaCare Myth: Obamacare Comfort Care

Since 2011, when a brain surgeon called up the Mark Levin show to let him know that patients over 70 years old could be given comfort care instead of brain surgery depending on the decision of a panel, this rumor has been swirling around. This “neurosurgeon’s” claim has since been debunked by both the AANS (American Association of Neurological Surgeons and the CNS (Congress of Neurological Surgeons). We have also searched through the ObamaCare bill itself and can confirm this is a huge myth. The AANS stated that the man was most likely not a neurosurgeon and was rather pretending to be.

ObamaCare doesn’t ration health care, it helps protect consumers against the health care rationing insurance companies have been doing for years. In America the more you make, the better your care. That is still true today, but less-so as all plans must cover minimum essential benefits and are now more affordable for many.

6. ObamaCare Myth: Standard of Living Will Decrease

Not everyone is going to be happy about the new costs, but most won’t be affected. ObamaCare ultimately decreases the deficit by over $200 billion dollars (despite the $1.35 trillion in net costs), helping our collective standard of living. Most importantly new benefits, rights, and protections will lead to better quality healthcare for all Americans with health insurance.

7. ObamaCare Myth: Cheapest ObamaCare Plan Will Be $20,000 per Family or “Average Family Will Pay $20,000 for Insurance”

$20,000 is what a family of 5 making $120,000 is projected to pay in 2016. Actual costs of that same family range from around $7,000 to over $30,000 depending on regional cost factors, age, and smoking status alone.

Every family is different and will pay rates specific to the plan they chose, their financial status, location, age, family size and smoking status. (Gender and health status are no longer factors in health insurance costs). The report actually does display the disparity in cost, showing most individuals and families will pay 8% of their income or less while families with older heads of the household, located in states with high regional cost, making around and over the 400% FPL mark will pay more.

NOTE: In 2014 the average cost of health insurance on the marketplace was $249 a month before cost-assistance. 6 in 10 Americans without health coverage could get coverage for $100 a month or less on the marketplace with cost-assistance. And large percentage of Americans will be able to get free health insurance due to the expansion of Medicaid.

8. ObamaCare Myth: ObamaCare Hurts Seniors and Medicare

ObamaCare reforms Medicare and offers a ton of new benefits, rights and protections for Seniors such as closing the “donut hole” for prescription meds, providing better health services and reforming Medicare Advantage (a private Medicare option that lets Medicare be traded on the market, despite taxpayer funding. It currently costs taxpayers more than Medicare and Medicaid combined). Get the truth behind ObamaCare and Medicare.

9. ObamaCare Myth: Medicaid Isn’t Good or People Who Don’t Want Medicaid or Medicaid is too Expensive

Medicaid is the only option for many low-income Americans. The idea that there is something wrong with Medicaid is largely a myth spread by those who don’t want to use tax dollars to care for those who cannot afford insurance. It’s not to say Medicaid is “as good” as higher cost coverage, but the ACA does a lot to improve the service and, for those with no other options, it’s certainly better than nothing.

ObamaCare expands Medicaid to 15 million low-income Americans. Many states opted out of supporting the expansion due to cost, even though the federal Government provided 100% of funding for the first 3 years of the program. Get the full story on Medicaid and ObamaCare.

10. ObamaCare Myth: ObamaCare implants a “CHIP” in you when you get health care… The Mark of the Beast.

The idea that ObamaCare will force Americans to be implanted with RFID chips is another HUGE myth.

We have received multiple letters from concerned readers who believe that they will have a mandatory RFID chip implanted in them due to ObamaCare. While an early version of the Affordable Care Act did mention data collection from RFID implants, there was never any mention of a mandatory implant and the current version of the law doesn’t even contain wording about data collection.

The Obama Health care bill under Class II (Paragraph 1, Section B) specifically includes ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable.”  The quoted part of the law is about better data collecting for the purposes of improving the quality of medical devices. The devices described in paragraph (1) are referring to class II devices which include both life support devices as well as RFID chips. There is no mandate about the insertion of any type of class II device.

The only time the word “CHIP” is mentioned in the 2,000-plus page bill is not at all in the context that the general public has assumed. The word is used as an acronym for “Children’s Health Insurance Plan”. CHIP provides funds to states in order to cover children in families that do not qualify for Medicaid, but still have modest incomes. CHIP provides insurance to more than 5 million kids. It’s part of ObamaCare helping to ensure that all Children have health coverage.

The debate about centralized data collection, RFID chips and how it relates to the affordable care act will become more important as we move into the next decade. Learn more about RFID chips and the ObamaCare Micro Chip Implant Rumor.

11. ObamaCare Myth: ObamaCare Forces Abortions and Contraceptives

ObamaCare gives religious institutions an opt-out for providing specific women’s health services (it has also granted waivers to some businesses). Also, contraception coverage is optional for healthcare companies and exchange commissioners. Although federal funding does go towards women’s services and education, it doesn’t force anyone to do anything in regards to these services.

12. ObamaCare Myth: ObamaCare Rations Health Care

The new healthcare law doesn’t ration health care; insurance companies do. ObamaCare actually funds research, establishes committees, and enacts a number of provisions that protect consumers from the health care rationing insurance companies have been doing for ages.

13. ObamaCare Myth: ObamaCare is Socialist

Simply calling ObamaCare a redistribution of the wealth or socialism is a very broad and inaccurate generalization of the law. ObamaCare is a program that everyone pays into (taxes) in order to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable quality health care (protections and services). Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are all programs that work the same way.

ObamaCare allows us all to purchase our own private healthcare insurance in a regulated market place. This embraces the ideas of capitalism(regulated, free market and freedom of choice), along with the government’s protection of your new health care-related rights.

It’s not a widely known fact, but hospitals are almost exempt from the economy and free market due to their ability to set and control prices. Also many medical device manufactures and drug innovators have such a tight control on necessary drugs and treatments that they, in a way, control their own prices as well.

14. ObamaCare Myth: We Need Less Government

ObamaCare is more of an issue of “do we need healthcare reform?” not “do we need more government?” There is always room for reform, and that is exactly what ObamaCare does.

15. ObamaCare Myth: Privacy and Freedom Will Be Jeopardized

ObamaCare doesn’t make you do much of anything in regards to health care. The only example of freedom being restricted is the mandate to purchase insurance or pay a tax. You will most likely save money and have access to better regulated Affordable Healthcare. We will all have better preventive services and the security in knowing we won’t be dropped when we are sick or denied for a preexisting condition.

16. ObamaCare Myth: ObamaCare is Unconstitutional

Not only is ObamaCare constitutional, it has been a law since 2010 and upheld by The Supreme Court.

17. ObamaCare Myth: ObamaCare “Culling” Seniors:

Much of the new healthcare law focuses on improving care for Seniors via Medicare reforms.


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