The Essentials: Your Estate Planning Checklist [Infographic]

The Essentials: Your Estate Planning Checklist [Infographic]

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Having everything in order for your loved ones when you are gone is of the utmost importance, and the way to do that is with an estate plan.

What is an Estate Plan?

An estate plan is, basically an outline of what you would like done with your personal belongings and wealth when you pass away. An estate plan is legally binding, meaning that no one can come in and act against your wishes.

Your estate includes everything you own – insurance policies, bank accounts, furniture, cars, etc. When you pass away, you may want to give certain possessions to specific family members or to a charity. The only way your wishes can be respected is if you create an estate plan. Without one, the laws in your state will decide how your estate will be divided.

So how do you get started creating an estate plan? Check out our checklist below:


Having an estate plan is extremely important, but we understand that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Bell & Associates Consulting Firm is here to help. We would be more than happy to help you create your estate plan. Contact us today to start getting your house in order.

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