Shopping for Health Insurance Is Complicated, But It’s Necessary

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Shopping for health insurance on the market can be a tough task, but it is one that is necessary to protect the health of your family and ensure financial stability.

Bell & Associates Consulting Firm’s very own, Veronica Bell, spoke with The Daily Journal’s Business Journal about this process and some things consumers can do to help them find the best plan for their needs at an affordable price.

In the article, Bell discusses how important it is that people who do not have health insurance under their employers do their research and ensure they are making fully educated decisions about their coverage. “It is important to drill down beyond premium and deductible costs to see what policies actually offer,” said Veronica.

Mrs. Bell also briefly spoke about The Affordable Care Act or ACA. Many people have wondered about the fate of ObamaCare, due to large debate that has been going on on Capitol Hill: “As of right now, it’s business as usual for 2018.”

Bell Associates Consulting Firm is so proud of Veronica Bell for representing our business. We appreciate her commitment to informing and servicing our state as well as our community!

To read the full article, check out the Daily Journal’s website. If you’d like more information on your health insurance options, please give us a call or request a quote from us.

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