10 Important Health Issues That Men Should Keep In Mind

10 Important Health Issues That Men Should Keep In Mind

Covid-19 has been an eye-opener for many regarding preventative health and pre-existing conditions. Those with pre-existing conditions have been identified as being at higher risk for Covid-19.  Unfortunately, men are less likely to engage in preventative health or even know about pre-existing conditions due to ignoring symptoms and an inadequate number of doctor visits. It is essential to highlight some of the health risks men have as they age. Knowledge is power, and having an idea of what health concerns to be aware of may help you or a loved one in the future. Here are ten health concerns that men should be mindful of. 

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Liver Disease– Men have higher reported levels of alcohol and tobacco use, which puts men at a higher risk of liver disease. 

Cardiovascular Disease– A third of men have some form of cardiovascular disease. Almost 3 million men have a stroke every year. Hypertension is becoming common in younger men.

Lung Cancer– Men’s higher reported tobacco use is the leading cause of lung cancer. Other factors have contributed to the risk of lung cancer, like asbestos exposure.

Alcohol Use– Men are reported to have more alcohol-related deaths and hospitalizations than women. Alcohol consumption elevates the risk of mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, and colon cancer. Additionally, alcohol negatively impacts testicular function and hormone production.

Depression and Suicide– Men and women are known to experience depression differently. Men report symptoms of fatigue and irritability at higher rates. Men are less likely to address depression or seek help. Women are more likely to attempt suicide; men are more likely to succeed in their suicide attempts.

Injuries and Accidents– Men are more likely to die from injuries/accidents. Men are more likely to engage in dangerous activities that lead to injury.

Diabetes– Men with diabetes have a higher risk of sexual impotence and lower testosterone levels. Sexual impotence and low testosterone levels contribute to depression and anxiety. Left untreated, diabetes can cause nerve and kidney damage, heart disease, stroke, and/or vision issues.

Skin Cancer– Men are twice as likely to get skin cancer than women. It is believed to be due to high sun exposure coupled with low doctor visits. 

HIV/ AIDS– Homo/bisexual men and men that have sex with other men have an increased risk of HIV infection. Men are also known to engage in riskier sexual encounters, often without protection.

Influenza and Pneumonia– Diabetes, COPD, AIDS, and cancer put men at a higher risk of developing influenza and pneumonia. Influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations are recommended for men over the age of 65.

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Final Word

Many men believe themselves to be indestructible, mostly due to being socialized as such. Males are taught from an early age that if they scrape, they knee, they should rub some dirt in it and keep going. That sentiment has developed into adulthood, where a lot more is at risk than a scraped knee on the playground. Encourage the men in your life to check on their health. 




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