Should I Be Screened for Colorectal Cancer?

There are a ton of misconceptions about colorectal cancer floating around, and it is time that these confusions are addressed. Check out the video above from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which helps to clear up a few of the misconceptions associated with colorectal cancer.

CRC is too common. Of cancers affecting both men and women, it is the second leading cancer killer in the United States. According to CDC, in 2014 (the latest year for which statistics are available), 139,992 people in the United States were diagnosed with CRC and 51,651 died from it.

CRC usually begins as precancerous polyps in the colon or rectum. Screening finds polyps so they can be removed before turning into cancer. Screening also finds CRC early, when treatment works best. There are more screening options now than in the past, and most insurance plans cover screenings.

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