Darius Brown

Darius Brown is a proud broker with Bell & Associates Consulting Firm. “I currently specialize in health and life insurance, but each year I take another step towards growing into a more well-rounded insurance broker.” The Mississippi State University graduate combines his passion for his job with his passion for his fellow man. “I love people! That sums it up for me. Since my youth, I have always loved people, have always been drawn to people, and have always wanted to add to them. As a minister, my job has given me the opportunity to serve people while staying true to who I value, people. Insurance is a People’s business so I love it because I’m serving them, educating them, and most importantly helping them secure both their now and later!  When Darius isn’t at work, he has several interests to keep him busy. “I love to sing, play music, read, write, and study the Bible. I also like sports and being around people.

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