10 Practical Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Weddings showcase the magical union of one being to another. Weddings highlight the start of a new journey; A life to grow and build together. Weddings are lovely, but they can come at a very hefty cost. As of 2017, the average price of a wedding in the United States was 33,391. Costs of a wedding typically include invitations, a venue, food and catering, photography, a wedding ceremony, clothing and accessories, wedding jewelry and rings, wedding accessories, and wedding reception. Additional costs may include a bachelor/bachelorette party and a honeymoon. Wedding costs may seem daunting or even unexpected to those unfamiliar with the costs. Here are tips to help you save money on your wedding.

Having a financial plan helps you to establish both short and long-term goals for yourself and your family. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today!

Plan well in advance. This tip may be par for the course, but planning well in advance will alleviate many financial and scheduling conflicts.

Dates. Choose unpopular wedding dates. Vendors and venues will charge a premium when their services are most in-demand—the time of year and the season impact wedding costs. June and September are the most popular wedding months. January, March, April, and November are less expensive wedding months. Venues, like hotels, are usually cheaper Sunday-Thursday. Consider the time of day. Breakfast food is more affordable than lunch or dinner food. Food options include fresh fruit, omelets, and pastries. The same can apply to afternoon and early evening events.

Venue. Traditional wedding venues include churches, banquet halls, and hotels. While these places can be beautiful and appealing, the costs can become hefty. Explore utilizing a nontraditional wedding venue. Examples of nontraditional venues include restaurants, breweries, and vacation homes. Try choosing venues that do not usually cater to weddings. Some restaurants may not charge a venue fee, only for food and beverages.

Invitations. Invitations set the tone of an event. They are the first things that guests see. Invitations can also give hints about the theme and style of the event. Couples spend an average of $600, although costs can vary. Consider building a wedding website for your event. The wedding website can be a hub to invite and inform information about your wedding. A wedding website can be a substitute for most invitations. If building a website is out of your expertise, explore creating a social media page as your wedding information hub. There may still be those who need a traditional mailed invite, but the cost of paper invites will be cheaper. Doing digital RSVPs will reduce the amount of postage required as well.

Photography. Go with a photographer within your budget. Professional photographers are going to charge top dollar for their photos. Consider going with a newer photographer or a photography student. Be sure to book early. Booking your venue in advance may secure you a better rate. Consider going with a digital package. You can email copies to family and friends. Only have the photographer there during the ceremony to cut hours. Be sure to ask for referral discounts.

Attire. Consider purchasing the wedding attire from an affordable department store. Prices will be entirely more reasonable, and they may even have more options. Also, consider borrowing accessories to reduce unnecessary purchases.

Flowers and décor. There is no need to go overboard on flowers and décor. Ask for discounts. Ask to borrow centerpieces from friends and family. Look for decorations at craft and thrift stores. Use in-season blooms. In-season local flowers are often cheaper.

Catering. Research the market. Check out multiple food options. See which one best fits your needs. Simplify drink options. Open bars get expensive. Consider sticking to beer and wine. Or consider offering a signature drink. Depending on the size of the crowd, a private caterer may be a good fit.

Cake. Consider store-bought cake. They are affordable, and often guests cannot tell the difference. Dress it up with some flowers. Consider a nontraditional alternative dessert like pie or ice cream.

Guests. Limit the number of guests. The fewer guests to accommodate, the cheaper the wedding will be. If you are on a tight budget, only invite close family and friends. Consider streaming the event to social media. Honestly, more people may be able to experience your wedding through a social media live stream.

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Final Word

Times are constantly changing. Many people are still feeling the aftereffects of the pandemic, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. It could be frustrating to want to have a wedding and not afford it. Or to have a wedding and your guests cannot afford or make it to your event. Keep these tips in mind when planning your wedding to help you save costs.







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