How To Successfully Travel With Children

With the Covid-19 vaccine being distributed at a generous pace, many places are beginning to loosen their travel and operation restrictions. After being cooped up for over a year, many people are ready to break free from home and take a family trip. Summer vacation is right around the corner, and children are eager for […]

What Is The Difference Between Inpatient And Outpatient Care?

empty hospital bed with a monitor next to it

Anyone who has been to a hospital may have heard of inpatient and outpatient care. Inpatient care refers to any care which requires extended/overnight stay in a hospital or treatment facility. Outpatient care refers to any treatment that does not require an extended/overnight stay. Other than the length of stay, inpatient and outpatient care main […]

Important Truths You Should Know About Estate Planning

If there is one thing that the year 2020 showed us, it is to expect the unexpected. No one could have anticipated a global pandemic, a quarantine, and mass unemployment. COVID19 left many ill, incapacitated, and without loved ones. This may have many people on edge and wonder about their future, their family’s future, and […]

7 Unexpected Costs Of Caring For Aging Loved Ones

COVID19 exposed numerous safety concerns for nursing home patients and staff. Concerns include a shortage of personal protective equipment, frequent physical contact, understaffing, shared rooms, cross-facility, staffing, and patient transfers. Reports estimate that 39% of Covid19 related deaths are from nursing home residents and staff. Although re-structuring of nursing home and long-term care facilities are […]

10 Important Men’s Health Issues To Keep In Mind

COVID19 has been an eye-opener for many regarding preventative health and pre-existing conditions. Those with pre-existing conditions have been identified as being at higher risk for COVID19. Unfortunately, men are less likely to engage in preventative health practices or even know about pre-existing conditions due to ignoring symptoms and an inadequate number of doctor visits. […]

5 Foods Guaranteed To Boost Your Immune System

The global outbreak of COVID19 has many people thinking more about their health and strengthening their immune systems to fight off disease effectively. We understand that exercise and adequate sleep are great ways to build your body’s defenses against disease, but what about our diet? Here are five immune-boosting foods you may want to add […]

Should You Retire During COVID-19? How To Prepare

COVID-19 has completely shifted the economic/financial landscape for many Americans this past year. Unexpectedly, many were unable to work due to quarantine and illness. This has many Americans worried about their future, especially ones nearing retirement. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on retirement plans. It is hard on those who lost their job and access to […]

9 Tips On How To Prepare For Your Next Eye Exam

A large portion of the brain (50% of the cortex) is dedicated to vision. The sense of sight is vital and varies from person to person. That is why it is encouraged for people to take annual eye exams. Even if you feel you have excellent vision, an eye exam can detect issues including high […]

How To Easily Reduce Stress While Quarantined

woman struggling with boredom while quarantined

Quarantine is a term that many Americans never thought would be implemented nationwide. But due to the outbreak of COVID-19, that fear has become a reality. COVID-19 is a coronavirus, a deadly flu-like virus that has spread across the planet. It appears to be highly contagious with no current vaccination. The best method of reducing […]

6 Ways to Connect When You Can’t Connect

Social distancing is a phrase that many would have never thought to hear a few months ago. Although states are allowing for public interaction, cases of COVID-19 are steadily going up. Evidence suggests that social distancing may need to continue well into the future. For many, social distancing can mean more than just staying 6 […]