Travel Insurance: Do I Need It For My Honeymoon?

 A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that newlyweds look forward to with great anticipation. It’s the perfect time to relax, unwind, and bond with your spouse. However, unforeseen events can occur while you are on your honeymoon, and they can turn your romantic getaway into a nightmare. That’s where travel insurance comes in. Here are […]

6 Common Blood Donation Myths, Debunked

Every year, millions of people worldwide desperately need blood transfusions to save their lives. Despite the importance of blood donation, many people still believe misconceptions about the process, which often causes them to be reluctant to donate. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about blood donation. Blood donation is painful. This is not […]

4 Reasons To Work With A Local Insurance Agency

If you are looking for any insurance – health, life, vision, or anything in between – you have two options: working with a national company or a local agent. While both options have their benefits, there are several advantages to working with a local insurance agent that you may not even realize. Here are some […]

The Truth About Pre-Existing Conditions

One common phrase that you may have heard when researching your options for health insurance is “pre-existing conditions.” The term can be a bit confusing to understand and intimidating. But we are here to help clear up some of the confusion and help you find the best coverage for your needs. What Is A Pre-Existing […]

Medicare Fraud: How To Report Scams

elderly man talking on the phone while holding his credit or debit card.

Medicare Fraud is at an all-time high, and thousands of people fall victim to these scams yearly. According to the Senior Medical Patrol, approximately $60 billion is lost every year due to “ fraud, errors, and abuse.” The great news is that there are things that can be done to stop Medicare fraud and keep […]

12 Simple Ways To Be Physically Active Each Day

Exercise is a critical aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is a structured activity planned to develop and maintain physical fitness.  Exercise has been shown to improve mental health, increase lifespan, and protect against conditions like heart disease, stroke, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. Exercise can boost your mood, energy […]

5 Ways To Stay Cool In The Summer Heat

The summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation and fun with friends and family. However, About 702 heat-related deaths happen every year, according to the CDC. Is it possible to still enjoy your summer vacation without the risk of suffering a heat-related injury? Here are five ways that you can beat the heat […]

How to Wisely Manage Your Money as a College Student

College is an exciting time in any young person’s life. It’s the time when you have all the freedom of being an adult, yet not quite all of the responsibility. However, college is also a time for young people to learn and prepare themselves for the real world of adulthood, and one of the biggest […]

4 Significant Benefits Of Children’s Life Insurance

Children’s Life Insurance has been the topic of much debate over the years. Life insurance is understood to be necessary, but life insurance for children – is it really worth it? Here are four reasons to consider purchasing a Junior Life Insurance policy for your child! Interested in making sure your child’s future is covered? Click […]

5 Myths About Life Insurance

magnifying glass over the words "Life Insurance" on a document

Death isn’t the most popular topic of discussion, but it’s also not the only reason people avoid discussing and researching their options for life insurance. Many false assumptions are floating around about life insurance. Bell & Associates is here to clear up some of those common misconceptions, so you no longer have to play the guessing […]