How to Wisely Manage Your Money as a College Student

College is an exciting time in any young person’s life. It’s the time when you have all the freedom of being an adult, yet not quite all of the responsibility. However, college is also a time for young people to learn and prepare themselves for the real world of adulthood, and one of the biggest […]

4 Significant Benefits Of Children’s Life Insurance

Children’s Life Insurance has been the topic of much debate over the years. Life insurance is understood to be necessary, but life insurance for children – is it really worth it? Here are four reasons to consider purchasing a Junior Life Insurance policy for your child! Interested in making sure your child’s future is covered? Click […]

5 Myths About Life Insurance

magnifying glass over the words "Life Insurance" on a document

Death isn’t the most popular topic of discussion, but it’s also not the only reason people avoid discussing and researching their options for life insurance. Many false assumptions are floating around about life insurance. Bell & Associates is here to clear up some of those common misconceptions, so you no longer have to play the guessing […]

3 Common Mistakes Parents Make When Saving for College

Perhaps you just had a child, or your children are growing up. You might be thinking about all the fun memories you will have together and all of the great milestones, right? Preschool, kindergarten, high school graduation, college… Wait – college? After high school comes college, and college means money. Money that you don’t have […]

5 Important Things To Know About Travel Insurance

When planning a trip, most travelers are unlikely to anticipate problems. However, with all the risks involved, having hassle-free travel may not always be possible once you are on your way. Unwanted events may occur during travels that would not only ruin the trip but also cost you a lot of money. This is why […]

Bell & Associates Owners, Staff Earn Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF) Designation

Kenneth Bell, Veronica Bell, Sharon Betts

President Kenneth Bell, Vice President Veronica Bell, and Agency Manager Sharon Betts of Bell & Associates Consulting Firm, LLC., have earned the Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF) designation. They join a growing group of financial professionals who have earned the Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation and can immediately and clearly demonstrate how they practice a fundamental obligation […]

11 Negative Habits That Damage Your Brain

The brain is a complex organ. The brain controls thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger, and body process regulation. Weighing roughly 3 lbs. and composing about 2% of the human body, the brain is vital to everyday functioning. Our brain essentially makes us who we are. Many would argue that our […]

How to Financially Prepare for a New Baby

Congratulations, you just found out you’re having a baby! Adding a new member to the family is always an exciting experience, so make sure to enjoy the nine-month ride! However, after the shock and excitement wears off, reality starts to sink in: the idea of an extra person is something that you and your spouse […]

How Life Stages and Life Insurance Connect

Editor’s note: Special thanks to the editorial team at Money, an organization that aims to guide people to financial victories through up-to-date information, education, and tools, for writing this article. Life insurance is one of those touchy topics. No one relishes thinking about their own death. And when you mix death and finances in one […]

5 Financial Missteps That Will Ruin Your Retirement

Retirement is that prime time in life when you can relax and be carefree! But in order to be relaxed and carefree, it is vital that you take the time NOW to prepare and save. Below are a few methods you can start implementing now to secure a solid retirement savings! Are you ready to […]