8 Ways to Make the Best of Black Friday

November 27th is Black Friday, and it is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. This is important to businesses looking to maximize their profit margin before the end of the year and consumers seeking to get the best deals they can find. Often people wait until Black Friday to do their Christmas Shopping to get the best deals on products and services for their friends and family. Bargain hunters come out in mass to find those sweet deals before the supply runs out. This is also a time for many to overspend, causing their holidays to be not so jolly. Here are several ways to make the best of Black Friday.

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1. Create A Budget

By creating a budget, you are considering your income and expenses. If you discover you only have 100 dollars to spend, you can create a realistic plan of the items and services you can purchase. Following a budget will reduce the chances of your overspending.

2. Use Gift Cards

Often retailers offer deals on gift cards at a discounted price. Some places may offer 5%-30% off or offer a deal like “Buy a 100$ gift card get 20$ off!”

3. Search For Discount Codes

Check Google or Bing to see if any discount codes are available for the store you want. Chances are, you’ll find one.

4. Check Ads And Apps

The Thanksgiving Day Paper will be packed with ads and coupons to get you to spend your hard-earned cash at their establishment. Be sure to check it out for the items you need. Also, many establishments have discounts and specials that are time-specific. Use apps to your favorite establishments to be notified of the best deals and times to go. Look for early-bird discounts. Be sure to have your ads on hand. Print, clip, or download them to present to the clerk.

5. Research And Compare

Before you go out and buy things on a whim, research what you want to purchase. Be sure this item is what you want and compare prices so that you know when you spot a good deal. The internet puts a ton of power in the hands of the consumer, being able to compare prices and utility in an instant. So be sure to know what you are purchasing.

6. Plan Your Shopping Destinations

Having a strategy is the best way to handle any situation. Knowing where and when you want to go will keep you organized and allow you to achieve the deals you are looking to find. Use website information to locate where you should park and the best routes to take.

7. Know Store Policies

You need to know store policies on returns and exchanges. Some retailers include a restocking fee and short return deadlines. Some establishments even keep a database of people who “abuse” the return policy, which is why you may need identification to make a return.

8. Request Gift Receipts

You can sometimes get a gift receipt with a description of the purchased item without the cost. Gift receipts make it possible for the gift recipient to exchange or return the product.

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Final Word

Black Friday is about making businesses money, your money! Great deals and discounts are mechanisms to get you to spend money at their establishment. It is also a great time to catch a deal and save some money if you take the proper steps. Shop Black Friday like a professional shopper using our expert advice!



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