6 Ways to Connect When You Can’t Connect

Social distancing is a phrase that many would have never thought to hear a few months ago. Although states are allowing for public interaction, cases of COVID-19 are steadily going up. Evidence suggests that social distancing may need to continue well into the future. For many, social distancing can mean more than just staying 6 feet apart or not visiting friends. It can mean social isolation and depression. To combat social isolation, it is crucial to stay connected with family and friends, even if you cannot physically be together. Here are six ways to connect with others while social distancing.

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1. Social Media – There are a plethora of social media sites. Some are more popular than others, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Social media provides a platform for communication amongst various people and groups to share ideas and information. 

2. Phone Call – A phone call is a simple way to reach out to a person and quickly catch up. Yes, phone calls seem barbaric in the digital age, but it’s still a simple connection method. Hearing someone’s voice, you care about can alleviate stress and lift spirits.

3. Video Call – We used to believe that video calls were only going to be in sci-fi movies. Now, video calls are commonplace. Not only can you video chat with one person, now, with platforms like Zoom, but entire groups of individuals can also chat with one another. 

4. Text Message – Text message is a popular method of communication amongst youth and young adults. It is quick and straightforward. Try using some emojis to spice up your conversations!

5. Email – Email is a quick and effective method of communication. Many people use it for business communications. 

6. Letter – This may be the perfect opportunity to begin a pin pal communication. Letters date back centuries and are a very personable way to communicate.

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Final Thoughts

Communication is vital. It is the backbone of civilization as we know it! Our need to socialize should not put ourselves or our loved ones at risk. People are eager to get out of the house, get back to work, and see their friends, but we still need to be very careful. Use your judgment wisely and stay up to date on current information. Covid-19 is a very serious disease that has claimed many lives in a very short time. Maintain your social distance, limit your time out of the house (if possible), and utilize some alternative methods to socialize during these trying times!



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