How To Easily Reduce Stress While Quarantined

Quarantine is a term that many Americans never thought would be implemented nationwide. But due to the outbreak of COVID-19, that fear has become a reality. COVID-19 is a coronavirus, a deadly flu-like virus that has spread across the planet. It appears to be highly contagious with no current vaccination. The best method of reducing the spread of COVID-19 is to quarantine and practice social distancing. For the most part, the United States is engaging in quarantine, with many Americans being made to stay home from work and school during this critical time. Suddenly, people have altered their daily routines, financial circumstances, and child-care situations. Many people have never been stuck at home with their families for extended periods. COVID-19 has created a high-stress environment. Here are some stress-reducing methods that are sure to help you during the quarantine.

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1.Share accurate information – It is easy for rumors to spread during a time of fear. Stay informed from reliable sources, not just hearsay. Do your research. The more informed you are about COVID-19, the less fearful you will be of unfounded rumors.

2. Talk to loved ones and friends – Being stuck at home does not mean that you cannot be social. Spark up a conversation with your family. Reconnect with those you have been distant with.

3. Take news/media breaks – Media is a great tool for sharing information with the masses. News and headlines are constantly being pumped out. It’s great to stay informed, but do not get overwhelmed. If you start to feel that the weight of the news is getting to you, step back from the media.

4. Deep breathing, stretching, and/or meditating – During these stressful times, it is important to remain calm. Deep breathing, stretching, and meditating have all been reported to reduce stress and create a sense of peace.

5. Body maintenance – The spread of COVID-19 highlights the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. Take this opportunity to focus on healthy eating, exercise, sleep. You want your body to be at its best so that it can better defend against viruses.

6. Establish routines – Without structure, it can be easy to fall into a state of inactivity. Being idle can cause feelings of stress and depression. We begin to worry about things that we would otherwise be too preoccupied to be concerned with constantly. Stay occupied. Create a routine so that you do not have more free time than you can handle.

7. Less coffee, more water – Caffeine is a stimulant meant to keep the body going. With reduced levels of activity, too much coffee can cause stress and jitters.

8. Clean the house – Not only does cleaning reduce stress, but it also creates a more sanitary environment to help protect against viruses.

9. Enjoy a hobby – This is the perfect time to do what you love. Read, run, craft, train, whichever hobbies you enjoy, take part in them! Maybe this is a chance to reconnect with yourself!

10. Sharpen your skills – There are tons of online classes and tutorials that can help you learn pretty much anything you want for cheap or free. Take advantage of online resources. Perhaps you can learn a skill to grab that job you have been wanting!

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Final Word

These are stressful times and COVID-19 is no laughing matter. Quarantine was an unforeseen, somewhat frightening event for many around the world. Let us try our best to stay calm and levelheaded as we push through this difficult event, together.


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