9 Tips On How To Prepare For Your Next Eye Exam

A large portion of the brain (50% of the cortex) is dedicated to vision. The sense of sight is vital and varies from person to person. That is why it is encouraged for people to take annual eye exams. Even if you feel you have excellent vision, an eye exam can detect issues including high blood pressure and diabetes, autoimmune disorders, thyroid diseases, and even cancer! You need to know a few things before attending your eye exam that can help make the appointment smooth for you and your physician. Here are 9 tips on how to prepare for your eye exam.

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  1. Read up on your vision benefits. View your vision plan, coverage, and benefits to see what all is included.
  2. Take note of any eye problems. Eye problems include blurry vision, flashes of light, poor night vision, or double vision.
  3. Take note of any color or distance discrepancies. Dictate any trouble judging distances or distinguishing between red and green.
  4. Consider if your vision is restricting you from certain activities. Are you avoiding driving at night? Or maybe you can only look at a screen for short periods. If you feel your vision is preventing you from doing anything, be sure to inform your doctor.
  5. Be prepared to discuss any recent health issues or injuries.¬†Don’t be afraid to be honest with your eye doctor and tell them if you have had any health problems or injuries recently. This helps the doctor to be able to serve you better.
  6. Take your glasses and/contacts with you to your appointment. If you wear contacts or glasses, wear them or take them to your appointment with you.
  7. Call your parents and/or grandparents to learn of any history of eye issues or disease. Note any instances of glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal detachment.
  8. Take your insurance card to your appointment. Some insurance companies have applications for your phone where you can log in and display your insurance card. Contact your insurance provider for details.
  9. Take your eye drops or other eye medications to your appointment. Just as with a doctor’s appointment, be sure to bring your medications and eye drops with you to tell your doctor what you are taking accurately. Believe it or not, sometimes your medicines can impact your vision.

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Final Word

Eye exams are often quick and effortless. Being prepared with your information alleviates some of the stress of figuring out or discovering things last minute. As stated, eye exams can detect several health issues that seem unrelated to vision but may save your life. Our vision can deteriorate as we get older, so it is essential to attend your annual vision exam, especially if you operate motor vehicles. We all share the road; we need to make sure we are performing at top visual efficiency.




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